It is a great pleasure on my part to see for myself the website on the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association. I am very happy to see that this site contains valuable information with regard to functioning of the Supreme Court Bar. This website will enable the law students, teachers, legal researchers, the lawyers, judges and other stakeholders to know about the composition, powers, functions and activities of the judiciary. To perform as a good lawyer the bare code is not enough, references and decisions are equally important. Through this website a practicing member can meet his query, know the decisions of the apex court of Bangladesh, gather information about precedents, etc. The use of the website will help a lawyer to explore and to provide update information; at the same time website will meet personal requirements like information about dues, current affairs and other service of the association provided for members and litigants. I sincerely believe that a new era which has started with this website will be followed by my successor in office.

Md. Momtazuddin Fakir
Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association