Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association was formally formed in 1948 and it made extinct in 1972, after independence of Bangladesh , as Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association under the Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Order, which was subsequently amended by Legal Practitioners and Bar Council ( Amendment ) Act 39 of 2003.It traces its roots as in the British colony then Indo-Pak- Bangladesh Sub-Continent High Courts were established by the Indian High Courts Act , 1861 passed by the British Parliament. The High Court of Judicature at Calcutta was set up on 14th May 1862. And Dhaka High court (then East Pakistan High Court) is the successor of the Calcutta High court vides Indian Independence Act 1947.
Then some eminent Lawyers practicing before the East Pakistan High Court namely Mr. A.K. Fazlul Huq, Mr. Prakash Pakrashi, Mr. Syed Modares Ali and Mr. Sabita Ranjan Pal ( S.R. Pal) pioneered to form an Association of the practitioner Advocates who were enrolled to the new

Court. In the November 1948 this eminent lawyers formally established the Association with the object to provide its members a common platform for conducting their profession and to protect their interests and dignity of the Bar. Thus the virtual journey of the then East Pakistan High Court Bar Association was started.
The various resolutions and the activities of the Supreme Court Bar Association in the last preceding years shows the initiative and leadership of the Supreme Court Bar Association in various matters concerning the Nation and problems of the Bar. The Supreme Court Bar Association contributed to the amendment of the Supreme court Rules and procedure and practice in the supreme court.
The Bar Association joined the national movement against the eclipse of democracy during the Emergency proclaimed in 1975 and 1982. The Bar also raised strong voice against the 8th Amendment of the constitution and continued a movement since 1986 against the dismantling of the High Court Division and setting up permanent Benches of the High Court Division.